Buddha Box Blast Off!

Dog Is My Religion is launching into the stratosphere with our christening of the Buddha Box Supreme.  We thought it only fitting to call our first monthly subscription box the Buddha Box Blastoff.  Dorky?  You bet.  Our first dog goodie box offering for your divine canine is filled with two premium made in Oregon packages of dog treats and two super premium Made in the USA dog toys.  Your beloved will be delightfully surprised when opening this awe-inspiring pup pack.

Who are we?

Dog Is My Religion is your neighborhood global pet treat, toy and gift store that acts locally.  Healthy high quality made in the USA toys and treats are what we are all about.  We source goodies for your divine canine you will be confident are healthy and natural.

Dog Is My Religion is about Dogs Helping Dogs.  5% of all profits will be donated back to the animal rescue community.  Basically your dog's purchases will help other dogs in need.

Dog Is My Religion is igniting a grass roots movement of creating a family and community of people who love their dogs.  We are your global dog community.  We will be rolling out new awe-inspiring things continuously, so check back with us frequently.  We will also be asking for your suggestions and opinions, since this is YOUR global neighborhood pet store.   So hang on tight and get ready to be propelled into the stratosphere with us!  

"I can't promise you will be entertained, but you will definitely be amused."  - Kristen - Dog Mama Extraordinaire

Visit the birthplace of Dog Is My Religion

If you are visiting Portland, Oregon, and wandering the Sellwood neighborhood in SE Portland explore the birthplace of Dog Is My Religion at Kristen's brick and mortar store, Natural Pet Food Solutions, 7639 S.E. Milwaukie Ave., Portland, Oregon  97202, we would love to meet you.